I Had A Rhinoplasty in Miami: My Experience 

My reasons aside, a rhinoplasty operation is not just for aesthetics: it is the same operation for the nasal septum. Did it hurt? Well, it will be that yes, with the post-operative you have to be patient. This was my case.

Obviously, it is an operation with total anesthesia as it is major surgery. Prior to all routine controls of the intervention – electrocardiogram, anesthetist, etc. – The surgeon ordered me to take some precise photos and, over them against the light, he drew for me what that rhinoplasty could do for me and how it would look.

As it was about 20 years ago, surely they have invented something else to get an idea of ​​what it can look like. This wasn’t performed by the best rhinoplasty specialist in Miami, unfortunately.

What matters is the post-operative. The operations are all the same: do not stress because A) it is not worth it, you do not paint anything there, and the nerves are not going to make you come out better; B) they will put you to sleep, and you won’t find out.

When you wake up, you are wearing a plaster T, covering the typical T area of ​​the face: forehead and nose, because your nose has been fractured and you have to immobilize it. You can’t breathe through it because you’re wearing cotton plugs, but that just annoys: it doesn’t hurt at all. You also get points, but you don’t even know it because your whole head is as if a truck had fallen on top of it.

It is important to have someone who is close to you and prevents you from moving your head laterally: thus, many bruises are avoided. Ah yes, because there are bruises, but they disappear after a few days. The first two days are bad, but with painkillers and patience, it is overcome.

You will sleep almost sitting several nights and eat liquid things with a straw. You will also hate whoever makes you laugh, and you should not wear glasses until the swelling goes down. And until the area of ​​the nose deflates and is in its final shape, 3-6 months may pass. Of course, after a couple of months, it looks good definitive. It will be sensitive to long months.

I do not want to put more blood on the post, but if after this explanation, you still consider a rhinoplasty, then you are very motivated. And you have to be because it is definitive, it is a minimum of 15 days and a paste. Getting a rhinoplasty for aesthetics is not something to be taken lightly as in Hollywood: weigh it well, visit the surgeon of your choice to see what he thinks, and give yourself some time to reflect.

The noses out of the ordinary can give a lot of personalities. A good tip is to put yourself in the hands of a stylist hairdresser to adapt your hairstyle and take advantage of it. I have seen the results of two boys after a septum operation (they insisted the surgeon a lot to take advantage of the intervention and retouch it aesthetically) with a nose that is smaller than what was convenient for them, and it is very ugly.

Aside from the party where the pores on their noses opened up like crazed oysters and what it took to close them again (completely, never again), I have never regretted it. And nobody notices my rhinoplasty.

Learn more about the rhinoplasty process here: https://www.plasticsurgery.org/cosmetic-procedures/rhinoplasty/procedure