Is My Nose Likely To Grow Out After Rhinoplasty?

The myth that the nose grows after rhinoplasty is a frequent fear. Therefore, to clear your doubts, we are going to tell you if it is true or not that the nose grows.

Rhinoplasty, as you must already know, is surgery to improve the physical appearance of the nose. This aesthetic procedure has many myths regarding its quality or the final results. However, one of the biggest myths is to believe that the nose grows after having a rhinoplasty. To help you overcome this myth, we are going to tell you everything about the growth of the nose.

The Nose Grows 0.22 MM Per Year

Believe it or not, the nose and ears grow throughout life, so it is true that the nose grows after rhinoplasty, but not because of the surgery itself, but because it is a natural process of the human body. The nose, on average, can grow 0.22 mm per year, an imperceptible measure over the years, and that does not affect the aesthetic results of rhinoplasty. So the myth is totally false.

Does The Whole Nose Grow?

The nose does not grow in all its aspects. The bony part of the skull does not grow after reaching its development in adulthood, including the bones that make up the nose; it is the cartilage of the nose that causes it to increase in size. These cartilages are the ones modified during rhinoplasty, so the aesthetic results do not suffer too much damage over time.

The growth of the cartilage is reflected in the lengthening of the tip of the nose, widening of the tip, and enlargement of the orifices.

So What Do I Do With My Rhinoplasty?

Don’t be afraid to get rhinoplasty for fear of your nose growing. This cosmetic surgery will not trigger your nose to change in a negative way; on the contrary, this intervention will help to shape the cartilage, especially if you are in an adult stage.

However, if you are a young person, remember that with the passing of many years, when you pass your adulthood, it is likely that you will need a touch-up to preserve the stylized nose that you will have with the current rhinoplasty.

As a conclusion, we can tell you that if you want to do a nose job, do not hesitate to have a rhinoplasty. Although it is true that the nose grows, it is not a consequence of surgery, and surgeons know how to achieve that the aesthetic effect lasts for many years. Remember to consult a certified specialist and improve your appearance and your entire life.